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Many of Gig Harbor's commercial vessels came to be through partnerships. 

Times were tough at the turn of the century so it was common for brothers, relatives or fellow fishermen to partner together and finance the construction of a new boat.  Over time, the boats were passed from father to son; generation to generation or sold between local fishing families. 


By recording the names of commercial fishing boats local to Gig Harbor and the Tacoma-Seattle area, we have an opportunity to narrate the life of a boat as it traveled through the lives and families of our earliest settlers. Go to to upload your images and stories or fill out the form below.

The list that follows is from the ledger of Mitchell Skansie of Skansie Ship Building CompanyIt was provided by Randy Babich.  The goal is to fill in missing details by gathering information submitted in the form at the bottom of this page.  Details will be updated as received.  To view and update a current list of commercial vessels registered in Gig Harbor, please click here.

Fishing Vessels built at the Skansie Ship Building Company

1912   Oceania   (built for)  Joe and Mitchell Skansie

1912   Mermaid   (built for)  Lee Makovich

1913   President   (built for)  Andrew Babich

1913   Monach   (built for)  Nick Plancich

1913   St. Joseph   (built for)  Nick Plancich

1913   Oceana   (built for)  Joe and Mitchell Skansie

1914   Governor   (built for)  Andrew Skansie

1914   Johnny E   (built for)  Peter Evich

1914   Katherine   (built for)  Peter Skansie

1914   President II   (built for)  Andrew Babich

1915   Lousiana   (built for)  Paul Dorotich 

1915   Commander   (built for)  John Vlahovich

1916   Mariner  (built for)  John Skansie

1917   Young America   (built for)  John Naterlin

1917   Superior  (built for)  Spiro Babich)

1917   Spokane  (built for)  Andrew Skansie

1917   Independence  (built for)  Peter Skansie

1917   Supreme  (built for)  Andrew Babich

1918   Emancipator  (built for)  Paul Puratich

1919   Vigilant  (built for)  John Naterlin

1919   Detroit  (built for)  Andrew Skansie

1920   Welcome  (built for)  John Stancich

1920   On Time  (built for)  Andrew Gilich

1920   Vernon  (built for)  Andrew Skansie

1924   Golden West  (built for)  Spiro Babich

1925   Vanguard  (built for)  Spriro Babich

1925   Shenandoah  (built for)  Pasco Dorotich

1925   Greyling  (built for)  Andrew Berry and Tony Mladineo

1925   Majestic  (built for)  John and Jack Bujacich


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