vessels registered in Gig Harbor

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2010 Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA)



Commercial Fishing Involvement in West Coast Fisheries


In 2000 there were no landings made in Gig Harbor. Residents owned 30 commercial vessels in 2000, including 23 that participated in the federally managed groundfish fishery. The number of vessels owned by Gig Harbor residents in 2000 that participated in each said fishery by state (WA/OR/CA) was: coastal pelagic 4/1/6, crab 3/0/0, groundfish 1/0/NA, highly migratory species NA/0/NA, salmon 15/2/0, shellfish NA/0/NA, and other species 3/0/0.4


In 2000 one Gig Harbor resident held one federal groundfish permit. The number of Gig Harbor residents

holding permits in the given fisheries by state (WA/OR/ CA) was: coastal pelagic 7/1/9, groundfish 1/0/0, highly migratory species NA/0/0, salmon 36/2/0, shellfish 0/0/ NA, and other species 6/0/2.5 According to available data, there were at least 87 commercial fishing permits registered to Gig Harbor residents in 2000, including 86 with registered state permits.


The number of state permits held by Gig Harbor

residents in the given fishery by state (WA/OR/CA) was: coastal pelagic 14/1/17, groundfish 3/0/0, highly migratory species NA/0/0, salmon 40/2/0, shellfish 0/0/ NA, and other species 7/0/2.6 There was at least one seafood processor operating in Gig Harbor in 2000, primarily producing herring products. Specific data (estimated pounds of product/ value of product) is confidential.



Commercial Fishing Involvement in North Pacific Fisheries


In 2000 Gig Harbor residents owned 63 vessels that participated in North Pacific fisheries. Community

members landed fish in the following North Pacific fisheries (data shown represent landings in metric tons/ value of said landings/number of vessels landing): crab confidential/confidential/3, Bering Sea Aleutian Islands (BSAI) groundfish confidential/confidential/2, other finfish confidential/confidential/3, Gulf of Alaska (GOA) groundfish 1166 t/$1,513,830/6, halibut 187 t/ $1,070,680/4, herring 220 t/$127,330/4, and salmon 2,845 t/$2,105,660/33.

Gig Harbor residents held 89 commercial fishing permits for North Pacific fisheries in 2000, including 49 individuals who held state permits and 27 individuals who held federal permits (note: it is possible for individuals to hold more than one permit at a time).  Residents held 5 crab, 2 GOA groundfish, 12 BSAI groundfish, 5 halibut, 6 herring, 38 salmon, and 5 123 shellfish Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission permits.  Residents held three crab and eight groundfish License Limitation Program permits. Residents held 2,129,377 halibut and 4,274,178 sablefish individual fishing quota shares.  Gig Harbor residents held 73 crew member licenses for North Pacific fisheries in 2000.

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